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Tag's Place

Authentic Bobwhite Quail Hunting


About Tag's Place

  Tag's Place began as a weekend retreat for Steve and Linda Couturier in the 1980's.   Over the next three decades they applied sound land management practices to enhance the habitat.    Tag's Place is home to just about every species and variety of wildlife native to north Florida.  However the focus has been on the Bobwhite Quail.

     The landscape of Tag's Place consists of volunteer longleaf pine, wiregrass, scrub oak, palmetto and a large variety of native grasses and shrubs.   Through the careful use of fire ecology, the land has been opened up to permit ground cover to flourish.  The variety of cover density offers a challenge to every skill level of shooter.

      Our model is to place one day old quail chicks in Surrogators so that they imprint on the area.  After 5-6 weeks they are released to form coveys and develop their flight skills.

 We believe this model results in native birds resident on the property with well-honed survival skills, to include explosive flight and covey rises.

       Tag's Place takes it's name from a sporting dog owned by Steve and Linda for 14 years.  Tag, a Brittany Spaniel, made the transition from gundog to family member.  Today an oil painting of his likeness hangs in their home on the property. 

        Beginning in the Autumn of 2016 Tag's Place will be opened for a select number of hunts to share the experience of authentic bobwhite quail hunting with others.

         Tag's Place is located in Jackson County, Florida south of Marianna.   We are a Florida Wildlife Commission designated Wildlife Preserve.



891 Pittman Hill Road, Marianna, Florida






A word about safety and the ever-changing weather here in north Florida.

      It is our wish for you and your party to enjoy your time while visiting Tag's Place:  Paramount to all activities will be the safety of our guests, guides and sporting dogs.  Before each hunt begins, the guide will provide a safety briefing to discuss safety issues such as when and when not to shoot.   It will be important to adhere to safe and courteous gun handling practices.

      Also, to ensure your safety it is important that you are highly visible while afield.  This is not a type of hunting that requires camouflage, rather hunter orange.  Please come prepared with a hunter orange vest or shirt that will remain visible during the hunt.

     The weather in the Panhandle of Florida can be very unpredictable and therefore difficult to know when booking a hunt what the weather will be like on your date.  Hunts negatively impacted by weather conditions will be adjusted by the guide for a fair prorated refund. 

      Additionally, no one wants to hunt when it is hot, it is difficult on the working dogs and hunters alike. On days forecast to exceed 70 degrees, hunts may start earlier as the guide determines best after consultation with you, our guest and customer.

The Hunts

       We offer one-half and full day hunts.  A minimum of two hunters will be required to book a hunt.   We are a FWC licensed Wildlife Preserve, our blanket license covers all hunters from in and out of state; so it will not be necessary to purchase a license to hunt at Tag's Place.

Half Day Hunt:    $325.00

     The half day hunt will provide each guest hunter with an opportunity to harvest 12 Bobwhite Quail.  Transportation to the field and during the hunt will be provided.  A professional guide with trained pointing dogs will facilitate the hunt and help to make your visit a memorable experience.   Each hunter will be provided with 12 cleaned and frozen quail ready for transport.

full Day Hunt:    $600.00

      The full day hunt will offer the same services and details as the half-day hunt.  Each guest hunter will be provided the opportunity to harvest 12 Bobwhite Quail during each hunting session or a total of 24 for the day. The full day hunt will include lunch.

Optional services:

Lodging, includes two meals                   $125.00 Double occupancy required to book lodging.

Additional birds                                        $8.00 each

Home cooked meal with 1/2 day hunt     Cost will be based on the number of hunters





 Reservations and Questions:

     To make a reservation or inquire about hunting opportunities at Tag's Place, call or correspond by email.   There will be times that we are in the field or otherwise obligated and will not immediately answer calls, however please leave message and we will respond promptly.

Telephone number:  850-482-3266

Address:  891 Pittman Hill Road, Marianna, Florida

Email: david@tagsplace.net

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